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Lamborghini Crocodile Key case for Aventador,Huracan

by MCO

All custom-made Lamborghini exotic leather Key Cases are handmade and hand-stitched to suit your exact design needs. We use only the highest quality leather materials. You can customize your key in the fields below the text. You can choose the color, stitching color, leather type, and monogram.

    • Crocodile Leather leather Siamanesis, Nile and Porosus 
    • Louisiana alligator 
    • Lizard 
    • Ostrich
    • Python


    Cites Zertifzierung: All our exotic leather species have a cites certificate from the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and come from sustainable breeding programs. 

    Production Time

    2 - 4 Weeks Production Time  

    Products custom made 
    For products custom made, you can cancel the order 1 days from the date of order. For finished and delivered products we do refunds only if the delivered product is not done properly, or other than ordered. For custom-made goods, we do not offer a right of return for the manufactured products, as the products have been manufactured to the specific specifications of the customer's request.
    Original price 1 996 kr - Original price 3 678 kr
    Original price
    1 996 kr
    1 996 kr - 3 678 kr
    Current price 1 996 kr

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Lamborghini SV Tricolore green crocodile key case

    Got my stunning Lamborghini key case in dark green crocodile leather with Tricolore stitching. Love it

    Alex Hernandes
    Rollin baby

    Yo, what's good, people? I gotta tell you about this sick custom crocodile key case I copped for my Lamborghini Huracan. This thing is off the chain, and it's intense berry color is straight-up fire!

    First off, the crocodile texture on this key case is next-level, it gives off a vibe of luxury and exclusivity. And let's not forget about the vibrant color, it's so fresh and unique, definitely catches the eye.

    Jamar Smith
    Key case customized red white

    Yo, yo, yo, let me tell you 'bout my latest buy
    I got a key case that's customized fly
    MCO Bespoke did it, they're the craziest guys
    Got it color matched to my ride, now I'm super high

    I'm rollin' down the street with my keys in hand
    Feelin' like a boss, like I own the land
    The colors matchin' perfectly, I'm the man
    Thanks to MCO Bespoke, my ride is grand

    I hit 'em up, they were so cool
    Asked what I wanted, they didn't act like fools
    Took my ideas, made 'em real smooth
    Now I'm stylin', my keys are the jewels

    MCO Bespoke, you guys are the best
    My key case is sick, it beats the rest
    Customized to perfection, it's not just a test
    Thanks for fulfillin' my desires, now I'm truly blessed

    So if you want a key case that's outta sight
    Hit up MCO Bespoke, they'll do it right
    They're the craziest guys, no need to fight
    Trust me bro, you'll love it like dynamite!